The 7 Best Weight Loss Foods for Your Body

 When weight loss becomes the goal and the idea of dieting is presented, people most often think first of deprivation. Don’t eat this, don’t eat that. Eat so little you feel like you are starving. The second thought is that weight loss foods will be bland, boring, dull. Neither of those is true, however. Not with whole foods nutrition for all natural weight loss.

weight loss foods

There are multiplied hundreds of whole, nutrient dense, delicious weight loss foods with which to fill your plate each meal and snack of the day. Nature has carefully ensured abundance. I could write for weeks and months, maybe years about the wonderful creations of nature for a lifestyle of wellness. But for today, I want to focus on 7 of the best, everyday foods for your all natural weight loss and lifestyle of wellness goals.

Wild Caught Fish

Toping my list of the best weight loss foods is wild caught fish. It is the most concentrated source of protein around and is much lower in fat compared with meat or poultry. Simply, you get more protein per bite. Plus, wild caught fish is packed with vitamins and minerals. In fact, ocean fish is considered the highest in nutrient density. The key is to chose wisely. Not all fish are created equally. So the general rule of thumb is to select deep, cold water ocean fish; never farm raised. Avoid most lake fish as well. My top picks are halibut, salmon, tuna, cod, hake, and sole.


Fresh Berries

Berries are some of the highest fiber fruits around.  One cup of berries has 8 grams of fiber; twice what you’d get in an apple. Berries are also high in antioxidants that fight free radicals which cause all sorts of illnesses in our bodies. Truly a powerhouse of weight loss foods, berries are always available frozen and they can easily and deliciously be added to protein shakes, toppings for yogurt or cottage cheese or simply eaten raw by the handful when in season. Just be sure to look for organic as berries tend to hold the highest concentrations of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers of any fresh fruit.



The beautiful truth about veggies is that it is full of calorie-free fiber and water.  One cup of cooked broccoli has 6 grams of fiber and fiber is known for its ability to provide satiety. That means you can eat up on this fantastic vegetable. Just hold off on butter and cheese sauce. My favourite way to eat broccoli is steamed then drizzled with extra virgin olive or cocnut oil and seasoned with fresh sea salt and black pepper. It is a simple, delicious and nutritious member of my top weight loss foodshonor roll.


Black Beans

Black beans, considered the king of legumes, pack about 8 grams of protein and fiber per ½ cup. Often maligned as enemies of all natural weight loss due to their carb status, beans, especially black beans, are truly a must have in your nutritional strategy. They are versatile, delicious and simply nutritious. You can mash them, toss them into salads, stew them, add them to soups and much more!



Quinoa stands out  in the world of healthy living and the list of best weight loss foods because it is the highest in protein of all grains. As an added bonus, quinoa is gluten free making it a friendly option for those with Celiac Disease. This ancient grain is a perfect side dish, makes incredible salads, and is a fantastic addition to soups. No wellness plan is complete without quinoa.

Greek Yogurt

Greek-style yogurt contains twice as much protein as the regular style yogurt. It is also filled with live, active cultures that empower digestive health which in turn results in all natural weight loss success. Served with fresh berries, you have a powerhouse snack!

Vegetable Soup

Homemade vegetable soup is low in calories yet its high water content makes it a filling, nutrient dense member of this weight loss foods list.  In fact, starting your meal with a cup of soup results in better satiety that results in the consumption of smaller portions of your main meal.  Just include a selection of fresh, hearty, and high quality veggies.

If you include these top 7 weight loss foods into your nutritional strategy you will certainly help ensure your success in achieving a lifestyle of wellness, losing that weight and living your best life.

I’d love to hear from you today. Do you like any or all of these powerhouse weight loss foods? Any you have not tried? How are or do you intend to incorporate these 7 foods into your lifestyle of wellness and all natural weight loss strategy? And besure you grab a copy of the Beginner’s Guide  To Weight Loss complete with a full pantry list of the best weight loss foods, menus and dozensof recipes and more

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  • Deborah Turton

    Fantastic list Carl!! I need to eat more ocean fish, more of a carnivore myself however no more than once a week! We do eat veggie soup often along with greek yogurt, fresh berries and broccoli. Black Beans… I shall add them in, Quinoa… I have tried & tried, mostly in salads but did not become a fan, maybe in my prep??  You continue to inspire and motivate me Carl, thank you!!!

  • Carl Mason-Liebenberg

    Deb….add quinoa to your veggie soups. Bet you’ll like it. I have other ways up my sleeves to so lets chat about it soon! Thank you, my sweet friend!