Doing What is Best for Your Body For Weight Loss Success

Are you doing what is best for your body? Are you sure about that? To the risk of dampening the spirits of new beginnings a bit, but in the desire to achieve the very best for you, let’s be real…most of us “think” we are but most of us are deceived.  I know…hard to hear. Yet the truth is that New Beginnings generally require a reality check. So there is yours for the day…you very likely are not doing what is absolutely the best for your body. And it isn’t all your fault, though it is your responsibility. The reasons aside, you can better by your body and when you do you will excel, you will reach our goals-weight loss, health, fitness and strength- so let’s look at what it means to do what is best for your body.

“If you don’t do what’s best for your body, you’re the one who comes up on the short end.” – Julius Erving

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This is a daily subject in my world and you may know my drill by now but for the sake of New Beginnings and authentic success, I repeat this once again. Clean, whole, high quality, nature’s way nutrition is where successful weight loss is at. There is just no getting around it.

And though it seems complicated in the face of modern, westernized nutrition, the truth is that once it is learned and the habit formed it really becomes quite easy and as natural as brushing your teeth.

So if you want to do what is best for your body and succeed in weight loss while doing it, invest in the education of understanding and living a whole foods nutritional lifestyle.


New Beginnings for weight loss and health will not be complete without an active lifestyle. And yes, that does mean fitness. Unfortunately, we are not authentically active enough  to offset the general abundance and lethargy of modern living. So, to balance and offset that reality, we have to incorporate fitness. Sure, the gym and the iconic weight lifting are relatively modern inventions, but few  jobs remain where we exert sufficient energy for an authentically healthy life. So…we need a new system.

That doesn’t mean you have to lift heavy weights and spend half your day at the gym. It does mean though that you have to do something active consistently every day if you want an authentic New Beginning and sustained weight loss.

So…who is ready to get their sweat on? J

Positive Affirmations/Attitude

New Beginnings cannot succeed with “stinkin thinkin”! Here is another reality check point. We tend to talk negatively about ourselves. Hello? Why on earth do we do that? And how on earth do we think we will succeed in weight loss or any other goal if we SPEAK ourselves down to failure?

It is high time to turn that stinkin ship around and think POSITIVE about who you are no matter how you are right now.  And yes, it is not easy to do sometimes and some days. Do it anyway. That sexy body of yours won’t be unleashed unless you do.

So to begin this journey I have an exercise for you to do daily. List 3 things you like about yourself or ways you believe in yourself. Journal them. Do it daily and turn your thinking around and reach those goals all the faster and more authentically!


Modern life is no more restful than it is authentically, functionally active. The more simple we make things through technological advances the more we add to our plate. And at the end of it all we are not getting enough rest for our bodies to even function properly much less heal. And weight loss is not eception.

The lack of quality rest is a major culprit in weight gain. It leads to stress related cravings, abnormal eating patterns and habits, higher corisol levels and so much more that add to your waistline inch by inch.

That means you need to ensure that you get 8 hours of quality, uninterrupted sleep every night. UNINTERRUPTED…that is the key. And it is not easily achieved. If, however you achieve it consistently, your weight loss and all other areas of your life will take a giant step forward.


This hectic modern life of yours is robbing you…not just of quality sleep but physically and emotionally. You have to let go and have some fun. Live a little.

Stop stressing day and night about weight loss and every goal or challenge you face. Relax. Let your hair down and be a kid. Laugh, play…just have some fun.

In doing so, your body will respond and those goals will become easier to attain.


Is there any greater stress than relational? As I already mentioned, stress triggers an increase in cortisol and that in turn leads to weight gain. Isn’t the goal weight loss? So that said, you need to be careful about your relationships. Even your acquaintances matter. Any negative energy will have an equal negative impact on your goals and your life.

The bottom line, surround yourself with positive, loving relationships. They will change your life and your body.

Doing what is best for your body will bring you the rewards of the weight loss you have sought. But even more, it will fuel your life for success in areas you may not have even considered.

Are your ready for a new beginning? Let the authentic weight loss begin. Unleash your sexy and set yourself free for your best life yet. You deserve it!! Come on now, say it with me, “I deserve a New Beginning”. 

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  • Carla J Gardiner

    I love “New Beginnings cannot succeed with “stinkin thinkin”! A lot of physical symptoms begin in our own mind. Great post, Carl.

  • Jason (Fat Loss Mentality)

    All good points Carl, but it always comes back to the food… I am so happy that I know what to do now, if my weight creeps up then I eat more vegetables and get more strict with the processed foods and carbs. In the past I used to struggle with calorie counting and semi starvation. This knowledge in itself helps my maintain a fat loss mentality

  • Urban Paleo Chef

    That Julius Erving quote is great Carl! Also, I couldn’t agree more with investing in education, particularly when it concerns matters of health and wellness!