Flat Abs Are the Key to A Healthy Life

I’m not talking about six pack abs.

Yes, they look fantastic and nearly every man on the planet wants them as nearly every woman drools over them. More important though is the lack of visceral fat that covers those abs. Visceral fat is what inflates your abdomen and simultaneously deflates your health prospects. Reduce, better yet eliminate, that fat and you are sure to enjoy improved wellness.

The solution comes down to one very simple truth; lifestyle choices. It is a lifetime of poor choices that packs on that fat in the first place and it will be a lifestyle of quality nutritional choices that will eliminate it not 500 crunches on the bedroom floor each morning. Are you hearing me? It is about a LIFESTYLE.

Most diets that promise fat loss are based on some form of deprivation. The problem is that it is not sustainable. At some point in time you run out of steam, you can’t hold out any longer and eventually most of you throw in the towel and return to your nutritional roots. I understand why. That is why I promote quality options. Eat what you love, just make quality selections.

I actually do not have a big problem with bacon and eggs with biscuits for example. With the careful selection of ingredients and proper cooking methods, this could be a rather nutritious as well as delicious meal. The issue is that most who consume this type of food regularly do so with heavily refined, preservative laden, poorly raised, over all low quality products that are far removed from their natural state. Organic, free range eggs, lean bacon from pasture raised pigs, biscuits made with whole grains and farm fresh ingredients are nearly perfect choices that can be consumed with little if any guilt.

Let’s look at some of your favourites and their quality alternatives.

Cheese and Yogurt

Instead of Yoplait or Dannon, fruit on the bottom, pre-sweetened, flavoured yogurts choose plain, Greek or Bulgarian yogurt. These are abundant in valuable enzymes and with the addition of fresh fruit, a drizzle of raw honey, a sprinkling of seeds or nuts is far superior for consumption.

Rather than the typical selections at the modern grocery cheese counter, seek out raw milk cheeses that are packed with highly beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Their flavour profiles are more defined and their nutritional value soars above any other selection.

Pasta and Rice

Eat up! Just learn to enjoy the whole grain versions. For example, instead of white rice, which is stripped of most of its nutritional components, use brown rice which has all of it elements intact. Combine these healthy versions of your favourites with lean meats, fruits and veggies and you have a winning ticket for health.


Chewing can be a habit. If it is then carefully consider what you are chewing on throughout the day. Opt for fresh fruit, leafy greens and, you’ll be shocked when I say it, beans. These three food groups will give you the very most nutritional bang for every bite you chew.

Big Breakfast

Never skip breakfast. Studies have repeatedly proven that eating a hearty, balanced breakfast reduces your risk of obesity and other related health issues by 78%. Always include protein, whole grains and fruit. As mentioned before free range eggs, lean bacon from pasture raised pigs and biscuits made from wholegrains with a serving of Greek yogurt will actually improve your health. By the way, moderation still applies. Just saying!


Your favourite smoothies just might be loaded with sugars and other toxic ingredients you simply do not need. Make some new choices. Use plain yogurt as your main ingredient. Blend in a cup and a half of fresh fruits, a tablespoon of natural peanut butter, a scoop of protein powder, ice and filtered water for a perfectly nutritious and delicious smoothie.

Fatty Foods

There is such a thing as healthy fats. In fact, these fats actually aid in fat loss. Olive oil, nuts, avocados, and salmon are great examples of fats that should NOT be avoided but should be daily elements of your nutritional strategy.

These are some simple tips and guidelines for a flat belly and vastly improved health. As a bonus, you’ll look great on the beach, by the pool or just hanging out on the next summer’s lazy afternoon. What could be better?

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